I bought a Pack of Ernie Ball Hybrid SLinky Guitar strings the other day (The owners recommendation towards my guitar, I own an Ibanez GAX30). Apparently, the lower strings are supposed to be higher gauged, Here are the numbers given on the packet, going from lowest E stirng to Highest E string: 46, 36, 26, 16, 11, 9.
Would these strings be good for dropping my tuning to, say, D standard? or would the Strings be too loose?
Also, what is recommended: Waiting till one of the strings on my guitar breaks before replacing them all, or just replacing them up front?

My current strings are Ernie Balls of some variety too, and They've performed greatly for the 8 months ive owned the guitar, so I am loyal to the Brand. My only problem seems to be the current strings go VERY loose when dropping to D Standard
Depends, to me they would be really floppy, but I use 11's in standard so it's just what you're used to. They're designed to be in drop D I think. Just try them out and see what you think about it. If you don't like them, just swap them again. Strings aren't that expensive.

And if the strings on your guitar right now are 8 months old, I'd change them ASAP
Should be fine, I think that's what's on my Ibanez and it's in Drop C.
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Awesome Ive wanted some strings i can mess around with Tuning-wise for a long time