What are some good 2 SINGLE COIL guitars? I know all about Teles, Danos, Jazzmasters, Jags, Mustangs, (and other Fenders); so dont mention those over and over . Kind of looking for something original, but open to anything.

and BTW i play everything. from funk to grunge, indie to punk, the only thing i dont really play is metal (todays metal, i love Led Zep)

If P-90s count as single coils, then there are quite a few Gibson/Epiphone models that could be considered dual single coils, but otherwise I'm pretty sure your best choice is to stick with Fender.
Hate to toss it back at you, but the guitars you mentioned are good for what you're looking for.

Additionally, how you play the guitar makes it and your music original, not what you're playing on. It's ridiculous not to use a piece of gear you love that fits your needs perfectly because of the name on the headstock.
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believe me, even though it might not be the most original guitar, you'll never regret buying one of those you mentioned, especially for the styles you mentioned... Those'll give you the twang a lot of indie have, and still get some heavyish stuff (it'll suit your needs for grunge & zep very well)

Otherwise, I'm pretty much out...
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You could try a old tokai/kay guitar, some of them have different shapes, and are pretty unique.

And there isn't a huge market for guitars with 2 single coils, most of them are Fenders or based around Fender designs I think. If you've got a hell of a lot of money, you could get a Dusenberg D-Caster:


But if you want cheaper, then you could look at Hagstrom, they have this:


But I can't think of much else...
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You can always take a SSS Strat and replace the S-S pickguard or just lower the middle pickup to make it leveled.

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If you're interested in a semi-hollowbody, checkout an Epiphone Wildkat.

It has 2 P90s, however the sound of P90 singlecoils is totally different to fender-style single coils.
Danelectros, they're dirt cheap too. Jerry Jones Guitars makes more expensive but better copies of them btw.
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You could try mini-humbuckers and go with a rickenbacker. There pretty original

Yeah, Rickenbacker is a good call, but those are not mini humbuckers in them, they are true single coils.
Many Rickenbacker models have only two pickups, and both the more modern High Gain and the vintage Toaster pickups are single coils.