so my dad and i are building a guitar (our first), and we're onto the wiring planning portion now. today my friend (who knows a little bit of wiring) and i tried this schematic out, but it didn't work, though we're definitely not professionals and may have screwed it up. the plan is to have
-a tone and volume for each pup, but in dual concentric form (that's why you only see one spot for volume and tone)
-an onboard distortion module (labeled with a D)
-a 3 way pickup selector
-an on/on switch for both pickups to choose distortion or clean for that specific pup.

I want to be able to go from playing clean on one pickup to a distorted lead part on the other with just one switch involved. The thing we ran into though was that we had to split some wires in certain places and run wires from 2 different places into one, and we think that's what caused it not to work. any advice on how to make this work? also, the distortion module says it is supposed to use a stereo jack, which didn't end up fitting into the circuit without splitting wires. some advice on how to make this all work would be great.

thanks for the help. i cleaned it up and im about to go over to that thread and pose my question