i just started listening to Testament, even though theyve been out for ages. but i cant really grasp what their better stuff is. if ya guys would, recomend some of their songs and also, what genre are these guys classified as? im guessing thrash?
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Testament are NSBM.
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All the Legacy album. Seriously, it's amazing. Make sure it's the original versions though. Seen them live, amazing show, nice choice.
Yes, there is a Testament thread already: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=23871246

Also, to throw you a bone before you delete the thread, they're infact thrash, and for songs, check out Over The Wall, Burnt Offerings, Apocalyptic City (all of the album The Legacy, actually), Disciples of The Watch and Into The Pit (and the rest of the album The New Order while you're at it, too).

So, yeah, their first 2 albums are my faves, but since I don't know your taste, you might like other stuff by them as well.