Hey guys, Im considering getting a new amp instead of a guitar. I have a 300 dollar budget. I currently have a Roland Cube 20x and I think its okay, but people said I should get a better amp before replacing my guitar. I also have an RP500 which I hook it up to and I usually play punk with a bit of rock, like green day, sum 41 and MCR. So I hope you guys can give me some advice.

Thanks in Advance.
are you looking for tube because if you are start looking at fender or something like that. but for 400 the marshall class 5 is awesome. also a VOX would be good
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but for solid state you could look at line 6 or some marshalls my friend has one used they are pretty good
Used Peavey Classic 30 can be bought for 300USD and does a good rock tone.

^Solid state Marshalls are terrible most of the time. As for Line6, a used Flextone III is also around 300. Don't bother with Spiders.
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uhh i don't know what the difference between the tube and the other one is, and I won't be using it live. I prefer it to be new. Also my max is 300USD which is around 350 CAD if anyone can recommend me one from canada since I live there.