I usually don't have this problem, but today I sat down with the intention of writing a generic hard rock song for fun and I've reached a snag after writing the initial little riff.

I need a way of joining it to the next section of music to keep the song rolling, but everything I come up with just sounds clumsy and awkward. Adding drums would probably help a lot, but I haven't even started working on those yet.

Anyone here who could give it a shot? I'm just looking for some ideas as to where to take it, any help would be much appreciated!
Generic Rock Riff.gp5
I gave it a go and also changed the main riffs timing a little to make it more "normal." Perhaps that's what was throwing you off. I wasn't really sure where you planned to go after the transition, so I just assumed it'd be the riff again. Anyway, here you go.
Generic Rock Riff Edit.gp5
I think that what would really help you is to use grace notes instead of that 16th note sliding up to the seventh fret. other than that drums would help you get the overall feel of where your song is headed. here's something i came up with...
Generic Rock Riff idea[1].gp5
Thanks for the help guys, I think it was that sixteenth note that was throwing me off. Just something that didn't feel "right" about it.

Also Jimmy, that was very cool. You really picked that up and ran with it, haha. Gave me some good ideas of stuff I could potentially try.

I'm going to get back to it though, thanks again guys I really appreciate the help.