I am starting to save for my first electric guitar and I want to know which amp and pedal I should buy.

While right now (on my acoustic guitar) I'm not playing to good, I intend to play blues and hope that one day I will play jazz.

I wanted to buy the Vox DA20 for it's blues effects but then I decided I want a loop pedal too and I discovered there are some multieffect pedals that also loop and have the digital effects that the DA20 was offering. From my studies I discovered that the Digitech ME pedals only have 20 seconds of loop memory which is not enough for a slow 12 bar blues so I have to choose from Boss ME 25 and Boss RC2.

I don't know which will be my first electric. Depending on how much I'll save, I'll start with an Epiphone Dot (I would love a Lucille but it costs twice as much), LP or Fender MIM Strat.

Here comes the question. If I buy the Boss ME25 what amp should I get for 150-200 Euro. Is the Vox DA20 still the best option? I believe I'll use the pedal's digital effects instead of the amps anyway...

So... which amp, which pedal to play the 12 bar blues at home (don't care about the power if it's at least 15W)?

dont fork out alot for an electric and an amp and a looper when you say yourself your not that good. if your not playing anywhere why not develop some more ability on guitar in general whilst saving money so when you feel ready you can get a lucille and a princeton reverb.
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I mean this one time I was jacking it pertty hard and was making noises and what not

You, my friend, are a genius!
Thanks for your advice. I will practice more before I buy something new! I knew it already but it's good when somebody else tells you the same thing.

Still, even when I'll be satisfied with the progress, 900 Euros for my first amp seems way too much for my budget and talent. I was thinking of spending this amount for guitar + amp + loop (me) pedal. I think I shouldn't buy a pro amp when I struggle with the F chord (not to mention I can't afford it) )

I still need some advice although I'm not going to the shop tomorrow as I want to know for what I'm saving (I think it's easier to save and it saves a lot of internet-window-shopping time).