Now, before you say i should have posted this on Sevenstring.org, for some reason it's not loading with my shitty Australian internet. I recently bought a Schecter Damien Elite 8, and i was wondering, can i tune down to for songs that are in Drop C or B? Do i have to tune the F# and B strings as well, or can i leave them? Sorry, if this doesn't make much sense
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Not really.
As long as you aren't hitting the F# and B strings when you play I can't see why you couldn't drop tune the 6.

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downtune it all, im interested as to how it sounds
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how are you liking your damien elite? it seems to be on the cheaper end of what schecter makes but the accounts ive heard from people who've bought them have been positive. its good a company besides agile has started making a more affordable 8er. although, agiles arent as cheap for you australians

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