The Effort Ultimate Prize Pack "Wartime Citizens" Contest!


Linebreaker Zine and The Effort is pleased to give you the oppotunity to win The Effort “Wartime Citizens” ULTIMATE prize pack. “Wartime Citizens” is being released July 4th on Panic Records and we at Linebreaker can guarantee you will not be disappointed by this release. Along with this contest, Tony from The Effort will be doing a submission for Linebreaker discussing a song off the record at the start of July, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

The Ultimate Effort “Wartime Citizens” prizepack will include:
The Effort – “Iconoclasm” Second Press 12″
The Effort – “Wartime Citizens” 12″
The Effort – “Demo Sessions From Wartime Citizens” 7″
The Effort – “Wartime Citizens” CDLP
The Effort – Wartime Citizens T shirt
AND a love note from the band, complete with sweet poetry and dirty ramblings

You can enter the contest here:
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