Most recent offering of mine. Complete with vocals etc. Influences are mainly Keep of Kalessin, although Death, Behemoth and many others are in there too! Hope you enjoy this song!

Guitar and Vox are me, Drums and Bass were done by the laptop!


Edit: Forgot to mention - am very happy to C4C!
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Hmm, well it definitely is working, all your plugins up to date?
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recording quality is good imo, if you want that rough sound. The song It's like almost! black metal in the intro, but definitively the vocals are black metal (i think hehe)
the outro is great, that riff @4:06 is my favorite and the blast beat that followed.

I would advice you to put some subtle keyboards in some places to make it different from other songs in the genre.

what did you use to make the bass and drums? they sound really nice

anyway, c4c? technical deathcore
Thas some sweet shiz man, altho I do agree with a comment that was made on the song itself (profile) that the Guitar part needs to be somewhat louder because for me it seems the drums are overpowering it perhaps??

other then that its a awesome tune xD

Dude this is badass, I have to agree with the rest, the vocals are nice. The quality mixing is good, I'm just concerned about the mixing man. Sometimes it just sounds a bit muffled. The instrumentation is good, very black metal

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