OK. so ive been playing for 6 months and im looking for something to play. I like metal type stuff so can anyone post any songs are bands i should look into to play! Thanxs
ooh you like metal type stuff.
you should totally look up some bfmv or trivium. they rawk.
I also heard about this kickass band, system of a down.they rawk also

but learn black dog by led zeppelin first.
haha. thanx. i was looking at black veil brides. theyre an awesome band. i cnt really play the song i want from them cuz no one tabbed it. but ill check those bands out
Dude if you like metal i've got loads for you, don't know if you'd be able to play any of them with only six months experience though...

but check out

Leica by the Faceless
Cursing Akenaten by After the Burial
We Bow In its Aura by Veil of Maya
Vela, Together We Await the Storm by The Human Abstract

...those are some good starts. If you want like those bands and want anymore recommendations let me know
Black Sabbath.

madhouse by anthrax, good solo
any metallica song

i kind of gave you 123 songs to pick