alright ladies and gents a'm writing a song that i would like for it to be something softer than what i am usually playing(like post hardcore, metalcore, and heavy stuff like that) and i'm trying to write something that would be geared toward chords and stuff like that.
first of all:
any tips?

and second:
it sounds heavier than i like any tips on making it less heavy?

i'm using no distortion, very little wah and i'm tuned down a half step. the current chords i'm using are D, C, G7, Em, CM7
soooo thanks ^_^
well the chords are good but if its soft it doesnt have to have a incredible amount of chords. 4 to 6 for each part (verse, chorus etc) unless your doing it more progressive

also you can still use the wah, it would make it cool
Based on such little information, it's difficult to tell you how to make it less heavy. Maybe if you could record it and post it here so we can listen, we can help you out better.
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Quote by food1010
Based on such little information, it's difficult to tell you how to make it less heavy.

not if you've got a keen eye. :3

you say your general style of playing is metal-oriented? well, metal is a lot of power chords, and those power chords are often in the lower register, not to mention you tend to hit the thickest string with the most force so as to emphasize the root note. so one thing you could do is make sure your picking style is even.

you're probably playing the open Em, Dmaj, and Cmaj chords. the open Em in particular can have a very heavy sound. use a different voicing. try to do the same with Cmaj (though you're probably okay with Dmaj).
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One think to look for is *how* you play those chords..
strumming each chord once and letting them ring out each measure, or full on 'hitting' each chord continuesly,
arpegiating up and down, or picking single notes from each chord.. they all have a different effect.

There is nothing in that choice of chords that would make it sound too heavy in itself.. and without actualy having a tab or a recording or knowing how you played those chords, it's a bit too vague.

Altough if you didnt know already, I can give you a tip: chords sound a bit more mellow / singy if you dont pick the lower strings too much. Kinda hard to explain, but if say you strum / pick a chord 4 times each beat, you'd only hit the lowest one or two strings once and strum / pick the higher strings after that.