I traded a couple pedals for a cheap Samick Strat copy I could use to refinish and mod. When I took off the pickguard the bottom was labeled as a WD Pickguard. The pots actually say Dimarzio on the side. The only labeling on the pickups themselves is on the wires where it says "DAE YOUNG LL 98461 TYPE TA-94" and where someone wrote "USA Vintage" on the inside of the pup covers. The Dae Young writing is only on the bridge and neck single coils. The bridge and neck pups also have masking tape around the coils while the center one is completely unpotted.

I looked up Dea Young but I couldn't find where they sold pickups so I'm not sure if they actually do. I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about Dae Young.

I'll put some pics up if I can find my camera.