Pretty badass. The solo was awesome and the chord progressions were perfect
Machine F**king Head \m/
all i would say is this is pretty amazing. one of the best things i've listened to on here in a while.
I'd complex up your drums. Not necessarily more hits, just don't be so reliant on eighths on the hi-hat. The piece has a very strong "feel" of its own, and the hi-hat doesn't always need to be there to keep that, it does that by itself Build on that, and let the drums do some more interesting work over the top, some off-beat cymbals here and there, put some snares on the second of pairs of sixteenths, things like that. Just a bit more spice =]]
Really good job with this. You did an excellent job of using each instrument to its full capability in this song, as well as using tapping in a slow and calm song like this (something I, personally, have never seen). I also really liked that breakdown thing with just the keys and the drum fills. The only real suggestion I can come up with for this would be extending the solo into the fade out, probably making it simpler than the rest of it, but still providing the listener with something to keep the outro more exciting.