Here is a random video. Now to the right of the quality setting, 360p by default, and left of the pop-up window, there's a button of what looks like a soccer ball and if you click it, it makes a really strange noise loop.

What the hell is this? It makes the noise when you click it no matter if the videos playing or not.
It seems you are a little out of the loop.
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OT: it's the sound of a vuvuzela

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What videos are it on? Does it use tags and comments to see if it thinks the video is related to World Cup? All the World Cup ones have it....then some random ones.
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Oh ha, well it was on a TOOL video, which made it confusing, and it sounds like distorted talking. It sounds nowhere near a vuvzela from the sound file on wiki
You're lucky it took you this long before you had to be exposed to those damned vuvuzelas...
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Are those the buzzing noises people make with the long things at football games? That's a thing that happens, I think.
Vuvuzela button improved the quality of the song.
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Off topic: My brother just ordered a vuvuzela. HELP ME!
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im sure they ar bubuselas

what planet do you live in? we are in the middle of a world cup were everyone uses bubuselas...