Just out of curiosity, how long should you have been playing before purchasing a new guitar. I'm asking because I recently bought a Jackson and I've only been playing for about 6 months. Was it too soon?
There's no set time really. Whenever you feel you need an upgrade or something different.
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I waited about 4 years from when i started taking lessons before buying a fender american strat..before that i played a squier. I feel like once you know the style of music you want to play and know enough about the different guitars and what they can do for you then it's time to buy one.

6 months seems kind of quick but hey man if you like it and know you'll stick with it then you did the right thing.
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No I bought my Jackson in about 6 months of when i really started playing guitar and my ibanez 6 months after that and now my custom built by me Jackson King V style guitar will be ready in the next couple months. Whenever you feel like upgrading and you have the money just upgrade it can never hurt.
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well, take acoustic mirror for example, he's been playing like 7-8 months, and has more gear than most of us who played 5+ years. if you have the cash, the world is your oyster.
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as long a you like the guitar you have and you feel its not limiting you. currently i am playing an epi les paul custom and a 70's univox hi-flier i fixed up. i can proundly say i would take both on stage and se no limitations in any way. ive been playing seriously (about 3-5 hours a day) for going on 4 years now. owned a guitar for about 7.

if anything is limiting me, it is my amp and pedals. i could easily blow hundreds on both without thinking about a guitar upgrade.

and considering ive played les pauls and studios (no fancy custom shop ones) and american strats and cannot see enough difference to justify a 600+ price jump, i have no reason to buy a new guitar right now. and if i did, it would really have to call to me. there would have ot be something special about it. a regualr strat for 1000+ just isnt inspiring enough for that kind of money.
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i played for about a year when i first started on the worst guitar ever.
i finally bought a relatively decent one, and i felt like i got 100 times better instantly.
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