I was just wondering why there's so many songs NOT tabbed, for example:

Alone In The End
Always & Never
Black Gold
Chasm - No solo
The Cure
Darkest Time
Drowning - Intro Only
Evil Ladies
A Fallen Star
If You Go
Forever And Ever
My Antichrist - Intro Only
Reach Out
Tell Me Why
To Hell
Wasted Years

This is only counting their full length studio-albums and not anything from their demo's, singles and EP's which have quite a few songs not on the studio albums. Also I've seen many tabs (for example the tab of We Rock) that were poorly done, that one in particular was in the wrong time signature and tuning which made it pretty inaccurate.

EDIT: Also, don't think I'm being unreasonable, I'm not asking for all these tabs I'm just surprised many of their best songs (IMHO) aren't tabbed. I've actually taken this as an opportunity to start learning songs by ear.
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