In a classic episode mesosofhis hit show, Jerry Seinfeld created the "second spitter" theorytodefend Mets legend Keith Hernandez against Kramer's accusations,butthe real-life comedian was less forgiving of Lady Gaga'sobscenebehavior at Citi Field.
"This woman is a jerk, I hate her," Seinfeld half-joked during a radio interview.
Apparently,the 56-year-old comedian was not happy that the Mets allowedthe24-year-old pop star to be the (temporary) master of his domain.
"I can't believe they put her in my [VIP] box, which I paid for," Seinfeld vented.
Gagawas ushered to Seinfeld's luxury box after she made an obscenegestureto paparazzi-and fans-from her behind-home-plate seats.Apparently,Gaga was upset that photographers were snapping pics as shetried toenjoy America's favorite sport while scantily clad.(Considering sheshowed up during the fifth inning, Gaga was clearlyintent on watchingthe game.)
When she asked to be moved, fans started booing her andshe respondedwith the features. By the seventh inning, the Mets staffhad moved herto Seinfeld's empty box.
"You give people the fingerand you get upgraded? Is that the worldwe're living in now?" Seinfeldasked WFAN's host.Referring to her stagename, Seinfeld pointed out,"You take one 'A' off that and you've got'gag.'" (He gets an 'A' forpretty clever insults.)
"She is talented though," Seinfeld eventually conceded regarding Gaga's wow gold artistry. "I don't know why she's doing this stuff."
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Since the incident, the Mets have publicly apologized to long-time fan Seinfeld for their "quick decision" to give Gaga his box.
Gaga,however, wasn't finished striking out. After the Yankees lost totheMets last Friday, Gaga talked her way past security and visitedtheYankees clubhouse. Dressed in not much more than ahalf-unbuttonedYankees jersey, the Manhattan-born pop star met withAlex Rodriguez andRobinson Cano, telling them how honored she was to bein the hallowedlocker room.
Although it was initially reported that Yankees co-chair Hal Steinbrenner permanently banned her from the clubhouse for her buy wow gold outrageous unauthorized visit, general manager Brian Cashman has clarified that she's welcome to visit again.
"Celebritiesaren't banned," Cashman said. "If Michael Jordan showed uphere hewould have access [to the clubhouse], but not after a loss."Cashmaninsists the incident was "not her fault," and it was a case of"thewrong time and the wrong place."
While stories of Gaga raising aruckus might not come as a shock, herrecent behavior stands in sharpcontrast with what she recently toldRolling Stone for a cover story.
Whenasked about testing "borderline positive" for lupus, a diseaseherfamily has a history of, Gaga assured her fans she's changingheroutrageous habits to ensure her health.
"I reduce stress in my lifeto make sure I don't develop [the disease],"she said. "I make muchmore of an effort now to minimize the drama orthe stress [in my life]."
Keepingin mind her antics at the Yankees and Mets stadiums, HerLadyship musthold different definitions of "stress" and "drama" when itcomes to cheap wow gold her brazen lifestyle.
really. relating to the title, i hate how people hated him and there were daily jokes about him, then he died and all of a sudden he's the "king of pop" and everyone apparently "loved" him through all of the years they were making fun of him.