Its in my profile and its called Moon Master part 2. Its a follow up to the song moon master :P I would love some criticism or comments. I worked on it for roughly 6 months-ish. Check it out. Thanks alot guys
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Dude, tune has a great feel and alot of potential. Two things I wanna bring up, the first being that you have somewhat of an overtone fuzz going on, it may be due to the quality on here, or maybe an overclipping on one of the guitar tracks, but it's definitely there. Second the bass drum is a little buried in the mix, personally I'd add some EQ and compression to it and put it slightly off center in order to help it penetrate the mix a bit, but that's me. All in all though brutha it sounds good!

"its called Moon Master part 2. Its a follow up to the song moon master :P" I lol'd

ok, first off, what's that sample in the beginning?, it's weird in a funny way ...the first riff with that piano is really great.

Even though I don't like power metal I can see your good song writing...your tone is really good as well, both in guitar and drums. The solo was really nice too.

Well nothing much else to say. I'm sure fans of power/melodeath metal will like this
oh and btw that Magical Sword intro sounds like from the game Soul Calibur

reminds me of shadows fall and some cool local bands, i really like it man, you dont get bored, a song with lots of energy with some soft touch, i love it man, really, im short of words but believe me
The production is good, the playing was superb and so were the guitar tones and drums. i thought the speech at the start was a bit stupid, reminded me of when Suicide Silence took an extract from Family Guy.

it needs some vocals ideally, but if/when it gets them it'll sound great. The lick at 2:17 reminded me of Ensiferum, works effectivly, the solo is good too.

Overall good job, just please remove the first 6 seconds and add some vocals and you'll have a decent, professional song .

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