I'm relatively new to playing guitar. I'm currently playing a epiphone les Paul standard and I need to replace the strings. I play classic/hard rock, but also sone blues/jazz. Does it matter what kind of strings to buy, or do they all achieve about the same?
Can never really go wrong with .10s, I've talked with people who've played for over 50 years and they say .10s are the best. Not sure about brands though, I just hate D'Addario. Half the sets I've gotten from them break within a week.
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All preference. I use D'Addario's, I dont like Ernie Balls. Gauge depends on what tuning you use and also preference too. For E standard, 9s or 10s, I use 9s because the tension feels right, but the feel will change from guitar to guitar. 9s on my JPM are slightly stiff, but on one of my other guitars, they bend very easily.
Get 9 or 10 gauge.

I always stick with D'Addario, Ernie Balls get dirty and brake all the time.
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I love Ernie Ball Super Slinkys. They're 9s, great for David Gilmour style bendy playing. They're great.
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I'm a huge Fan Of earnie balls, bit it's all preference

go for sizes 10 or 9 tho, you should test put multiple brands /styles
It's all preference and what tuning you use. My favorite strings are Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkys. But then again, I play in Drop C and D standard. For E, I would use 10's like everybody above recommended.

Different brands have different tones and longevity. Some strings will sound brighter, and others warmer. Also, heavier strings are better for more aggressive playing styles, and lighter strings are better if you use a lot of vibrato.
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Would Power Slinkys(11-48) be good for Standard tunning?
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Skinny top/heavy bottom (10-52) or just ten's... if you wanna be normal. >

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10-52s elixirs /thread.


Elixir Nanowebs: Best strings I've ever used. They are the smoothest strings ever, and unlike Ernie Ball strings, they don't rust easily at all. I've had a set for about 6 months, no rust (even though I live in a very humid area), and the strings still sound great. D'Addarios are OK, but I'm hooked on Elixir Nanowebs.
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the stock strings on my Martin have gotten rusted and arent exactly pleasing to the ear anymore. i want to replace them with coated strings. i've used Elixirs and DR extra lifes on my electric before and liked both of them. which brand makes better acoustic strings?