So I heard about this web site a good 5 min ago on the Colbert Report.

It seems very interesting. The jist of the website is that a bunch of guys sit in a room and analyze music and some how the web site listens to a song you pick and pick "other songs like it"

Does any one have any reviews about the site? is it any good or worth listening too?

I'm listening currently and So far I've skipped through a couple songs that weren't really what I'm into. But it still seems like a really cool idea.
Lots of people use this site, you just heard of it? It seems to work really well, but I don't use it very much.
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there is also last.fm
same concept, i prefer their standalone client
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i think it is cool ive been a member for a long time. but when you put a station for a certain song it not as cool. i just do bands
I prefer Last.fm most of the time. Pandora is very limited on how many things you can do.
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Pandora is terrible, at least from my experience.

I use last.fm, same thing, on a basic level, but 100 times better.
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I like it.
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I don't like it. I think it's abetted idea to type in a song u like on YouTube then click on related. U have more control that way
I like it. It's a good way to find some new stuff. My complaint though is that if the band you're listening to has a greatest hits album you're going to listen to 5 songs off of that over and over and over. If they don't then you get to listen to that band a lot less than you want to.
It's ok. I've used it a few times and I don't have any complaints about it.

Last.fm is definitely better though.
Yea Pandora is not really doing it for me...ill try out some of those other ones you guys told me about.
i used to use Pandora, and thought it was pretty good. Only reason i stopped using it was because i live in Canada and they one day just stopped providing outside the US for copyright reasons or something stupid. This was a few years ago, ive checkd once or twice over the years and still wasnt working.

Now i have my Blackberry bold i use slacker radio. Its 3 or 4 bucks a month (edit: for the pro version, the trial only lasts for a very 'slack' 30 days (it seemed like 40 or 50 to me) and you can only skip songs 3 times, with the pro its unlimited skips) right to my rogers bill, and is pretty sweet, but also has many flaws, as do all the other programs. Very customizable, but a pain in the ass if you wanna listen to a specific artist or song without it playing similar-artists. Even when you select the 'play my favourites as much as possible" option.
Anyone else use slacker radio?

edit: another big downside i forgot, is its a HUGE data hog. (its streaming data afterall) I have a 500mb data plan with rogers and according to them, 98% of their clients who have that plan dont use the full 500mb.

So far, since ive used Slacker radio i have used up my full data plan every month. Keep in mind i have slacker radio running for 4/5+ hours at work, and every night i fall asleep with it on haha. Just keep in mind to not be stupid with it like me and you'll be fine.

Another problem (and this could be my blackberry) is that it tends to reallly get overloaded when you try and click around to much, and it bogs up the phone to the point where its frozen for a good 5+ minutes.

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