ok so quickly here's the deal:

my boss metal zone its awesome for thrash an heavy metal stuff but i need a boost for some grindcore and maybe some modern death metal, my question for you is: is the tubescreamer able to boost a distortion pedal as well as it boosts tube amps? will I be able to get the boost im looking for? and will this boost somehow affect my volume? because at a certain volume my metal zone stops sounding good ( and changing the amp is not an option)

aditional info: im looking for a dying fetus, amon amarth tone

thanks in advance ;D
Don't raise volume /level on the pedal, I keep mine from 9-11 o clock... Damn that's a really bad coincedence. An eq can boost it too, idk about the screamer but I have hear very good things about it
i have a tubescreamer (the really cheap TS7 which is comparable) and metal zone - i wanted to use one as a lead boost, but unfortunately i liked the tubescreamer tone for rhythm too much. for my budget setup, the tubescreamer gives me a more even, full tone. if you put it in your chain before your metal zone, it seems to cut some of the bass though.

i don't think this combination is good for really brutal stuff, though it sounds nice. i got the tubescreamer just to make up for my other equipment's shortcomings and it worked.
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Overdrives and distortion pedal generally don't mix well. You'd be better off using your amp distortion and your OD pedal.

Id try this put your amp on the dirty channel with the gain turned down, then use your metal zone to boosts the amps distortion.
Also ive found this to work for me in the past, I was using a metalcore at the time with my vox on a dirty channel and id use the amps gain and id have the gain on my metalcore at 0 and it basically would boost my dirty channel on my amp into very high distortion, but be careful because it can turn into a mushy distorted mess fast.
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Band names in that genre are seriously ****ed up, unless it's just a complete joke (I have a strong feeling that it's not), then it's just not cool.

On topic: I very much doubt that you'll be able to boost a Metal Zone using a Tubescreamer, it'll probably end up just sounding very messy, especially through a bad amp.
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Set the tubescreamer with the level maxed, gain at zero, and tone to taste. Run it into the Metalzone. Adjust the MT2's level to taste, roll off the mids, roll off the highs, and adjust gain to taste
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
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TS, if you can't get enough gain out of an MT2, something is wrong. Your settings on either the pedal or the amp are bad or it's just both pieces of equipment being crap. Whichever it is, boosting the MT2 won't help.
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No, that isn't really going to work. When you use an OD to boost, your driving tubes harder not really adding gain externally.

If you can't get enough gain out of an MT-2, you are doing something wrong. If you have enough gain, but it just sounds like junk...That's just the MT-2..

No, you're not, you're simply layering distortion over what's already there.
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Honestly I think an EQ might be the better solution, although it's been years since I ahve used an MT 2 pedal. I still miss it every now and then, I had so much fun with one back in the day, lol.
You are adding volume yes, but the actual drive increase is taking place within the amp. Not like an MT-2 pedal that produces a distorted signal before it enters the amp. Get what I mean?
For example, running a guitar>boost into PA speakers would just result in a louder signal, while running a guitar>MT2>PA would give you a distorted sound.

There are different ways of getting a distorted sound out of a tube amp. But running an OD as a boost into an MT-2 definitely isn't going to work. Adding gain(pedal gain knob aka distortion) into it might work but it would be muddy, undefined, and noisy.
ArkanRg For me myself, it's perfectly working! You can always get the bolder tone by using your ts-9 in your chain before or after the mt-2. In your mt-2 : tweak the gain knob at '12 , volume at '9, and play with the EQ. In your ts-9 : put the drive & tone knob full ('5) and put the level knob just a lil bit at '7.
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