I recently got an Ibanez SR605 and I'm thinking of exchanging it for a MIM Fender active jazz bass.

My question is the fender a better instrument?
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They're both fine instruments. The question is which feels better to you and better suits your needs, the Ibanez or the Fender?

EDIT: sorry for being ambiguous and answering you with another question, but (I'm assuming you're considering the Active Jazz V, a 5-er for a 5-er) it really should come down to which one is more comfortable and more playable to you. They're both quality instruments.
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Fenders are great.
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I'll have to play a fender one before I decide I guess I am just on the fence about it
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Not always with MIM Fenders.

You really have play through a lot basses to find the right one.
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Not always with MIM Fenders.

You really have play through a lot basses to find the right one.

This is pretty much the same w/ any brand.
Id keep the Ibanez. The quality on MIM Fenders does not impress me.
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I have an sr700 and a MIM P deluxe and I have to say the sr is the higher quility instrument
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I'm a big Fender man, but I'd say keep the Ibanez. The MIM's just don't cut it for the money. If it were a USA Fender, then there'd be no question about it, but the MIM's lack a certain quality.

However, try them out first, decide for yourself. They're two completely different instruments anyway.
I switched from an Ibanez SRX590 to a MIM Fender Active Jazz, but switched to Ibanez (SR700) again. In my opinion, the higher end Ibanez basses are a lot better than a MIM Fender! I'll stick with Ibanez!
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I'm in the market for a five string bass and I was considering both, but settled on the Ibanez SR series (probably the SR755). It all depends on what kind of sound you want. The SR605 you have gives you mellower sounds and a rounder bottom end ( ). The Jazz Deluxe Active will give you sounds that are more up front and have more mids and treble IMO.

It all depends on what you want. But regardless of that, the way it feels is the most important, so you have to go out and try one to see how it compares to your Ibanez.

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