i realized that there's this default strumming pattern i kind of go to. When strumming chords should your patterns be different than all of your songs? I mean there can't be that many different choices, especially when it comes down to being comfortable with what you're playing.

but it seems i usually just hit a chord and hold it for one beat and then just just strum up and down about 6 times and repeat. Should i really consciously try and make sure none of my strumming patterns are the same on different songs?

this writing music stuff is frustrating
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There are tons of different rhythms to strum your guitar. What you choose can depend on meter you are in or the style of song. Listen to different guitarists from different styles to help build your vocabulary of different rhythms.
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i have the same sort of issue, but for me its not just the rhythm of my strum but also the same three chords as well. What i do i usually play through that progression a few times just to kind of get it out of me, then ill continue with completely different chords and strum pattern. I do agree with Joshua though, mutes and slaps, harmonics hammer ons and pull offs are a really good way to make your strumming patterns sound somewhat different while still being the same.