'sup everybody? During a recent rainstorm, I had the opportunity to record some music, and this is the idea that came out. It's definately not a finished product, and I'm aware that this isn't exactly the kind of music most people on this site like (i.e. it's not metal). However, I'm really looking for some feedback, if you guys (and gals) can spare the time. This isn't exactly the most serious song I've ever done, but it was definately alot of fun to try and record.

"I Hope it Rains...." is in my profile

Thanks in advance for any feedback, and I'll happily listen to anything you have if you want me to.

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Oh my god I loved it, really good!

It reminded me of like The Killers (which in my mind, is the best thing I could say to someone haha) but gone acoustic, I really really really enjoyed it. Sure the singing could be improved (a little off sometimes).

I suppose it could go somewhere else but I really like the way it is now.

I enjoyed it thanks for the crit too
Hey Schmiffty

I dug the song man. It started out kind of meh, but it went into an amazing vibe, and your vocals and harmonies and great. Had me tapping my feet and it got stuck in my head so you got it right . Only suggestion I have is to fix up that intro a bit and you have a solid song. Wish I had your singing voice

You posted that if I record anything else to let you know. I recorded a short test to layer 4 tracks on Audacity. Last time I tried this there was a slight lag or something, and nothing went right and I gave up since then. But it worked damn well this time. It's 3 guitars, and the lead is on 2 tracks.

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I liked the structure, Vocals, and arrangement.


I did not like the use of vocal effects at certain points, the piano should have been just a little louder in the mix IMO.
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Overall, I really liked the idea. The only things I wasn't crazy about was the percussion track being panned hard right (a little distracting when listening through headphones, like I am), and, as mentioned, the vocals could have been a little louder and more in-your-face (even though its a mellow song). Aside from that, great work!

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