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So, would you ever sell your first, or first good guitar? Do you have an emotional attatchment to that first instrument you loved playing on, or is it just a tool to you, with no significant emotional value?

For me, I love my first electric, which was a Fender strat, but my very first was a cheap-o acoustic that I don't particularly care about.
I dumped mine at a Goodwill. I guess it would be nice to have something to use for another tuning, but honestly, it was a POS Epi strat clone and I hope to God that I never have to play such a bad guitar again.
Quote by jpnyc
I dumped mine at a Goodwill. I guess it would be nice to have something to use for another tuning, but honestly, it was a POS Epi strat clone and I hope to God that I never have to play such a bad guitar again.

Well that was a nice thing to do with it at least. And do you still have your first good guitar?
I tried to learn to play when I was 10 or 11. It didn't stick. That was a cheap Peavey, and it's long gone.

I was 16 when I took it up in earnest, with what is to this day one of the crappiest acoustic guitars I've ever seen. It was so cheap that instead of painting the sides, they just stuck on a big black adhesive strip.

I still have it though, 11 years later.
My first was an Epi Les paul standard..good solid guitar...been through alot with me wouldnt sell it.
Mine was an Epi LP special, and I had no second thoughts about selling it. After all, it helped me pay for my strat.
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My first EVER was a half-size acoustic I never touched.. It's a POS but I'll most likely always keep it. I got it when I was like 5 or 6 from my dad (Even though I hate him the guitar itself has an emotional connection to me, it's nothing to do with my father.).

The first guitar I played however was an Ibanez GIO. Terrible guitar. It was a starter pack. I got rid of it fast.

My first GOOD guitar is my Schecter which is my baby right now. I'll most likely keep it for a long time.
My first was a 3/4 size Martin, which was actually a great little guitar. I had my reservations about selling it, but I didn't really mind in the long run. I definitely get emotionally attached to my guitars, but given that I sold it after I bought my Mustang, it was like dumping my starter girlfriend for a total fox.
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I played on my sisters acoustic for a good 6 months,
but my first ever guitar I owned was my Fender Stratocaster at 300 GBPounds.
I love it too much to sell it, as it is a portal to a greater day.
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"Put it down now, It's like you love that guitar more than me!"
In Which I replied.
"Well it has got two F-Holes!"
I will never ever sell my Jackson JS30ke. It's been through hell and back with me and I have a real connection to it
my first guitar was an Epi LP 1000 and I keept that thing for about 12 years and finally gave it to my wifes sister when she was learning to play. My first GOOD guitar was my fender American Strat. I bought it new in 98 with my H.S graduation cash and I still have it to this day.
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saved up for a whole summer to buy my gibson flying v, before that i played it in the store for months. no chance im selling it
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Well that was a nice thing to do with it at least. And do you still have your first good guitar?

Yeah, I have the MIM strat my mom got me when I turned 18. It’s from the 90s so the electronics are nice but the tuners are turds and I keep telling myself to get a set of locking tuners installed.
My first was a shitty yamaha pacifica from some starter pack. I sold it. Sometimes I wonder what it would've sounded like through a tube amp, but it's not some stressing thing that I regret.

I'm contemplating selling my SG, because it was never the most comfortable guitar. But it was my first good 'real' guitar, so I'm not sure if I could let go of her or not. If I were pressed for money then I would.

My Edwards I will never sell or get rid of. Even if, by divine intervention, I come across shitloads of money and could buy whatever I wanted. My Edwards is personally the best guitar I've played. (Sure the real ESP H-III would be better, but the Edwards was first :p
my first ever guitar was a chinese strat copy which i did not sell because i took it completely apart down to every nut and every screw. the amount i could sell that for would not be worth the effort of putting it back together. my first good guitar is my schecter which i still have.
i still have it but the original neck broke on "accident" i was dumb it was cheap but sick it plays better than most guitars ive played now i have an ibanez rg120 im going to sell it or make it better i still dont know
Hell no. I'm very attached to my Warlock. It's also kinda beat up, so I imagine that the value would drop a bit. The only way I'm selling it is if I'm starving and broke.
A strat squire that I've attempted refinishes multiple time, now I just sanded it down to the wood...Its good for RHCP stuff and messing around =P I would keep at this time and point.
My 1st guitar was a synsonics electric with the built in amp. Man, I tore it apart. The only guitar I wished I still had was my '79 musicmaster. It was marked for 250 dollars, and I devised a scheme, and well, long story short, I walked out of the store with it while the pawnshop attendant wasn't looking. Yea, I know what your thinking, and you're damn right I was broke as hell! But nonetheless, I had no clue they were worth so much.(even today, in the same condition of the one I stole, they are selling for 1800 minimum)

I ended up giving it to my roomate as a gift. He sold it for some weed. HAHAHA

Oh yea. And I had an ESP/LTD MV-240. I still have dreams about running my fingers across it's G-string! This guitar played me! It was that good!
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my first axe was a ibanez gsa60 gio, pretty solid guitar played great, bought it new for $175 from huber&brees in fraser mi, sold it in bay city mi for $ 80 bucks no attachment at all ive bought and sold guitars for a few years.
Only guitar i wish i didnt sell was my ibanez rg7321 just for the fact i like to play on a seven string sometimes + it was a great guitar - the stock pups.
I gave my first guitar away, no sense keeping it around if I never play it. My first good guitar, though, I haven't ever considered selling and probably never will.
My first guitar is an old acoustic custom made by Catalina guitars. I would never get rid of it even if someone were to smash it given there would be a new patient at the E.R. I would take the pieces and put them in a box and keep it still. It belonged to my grandma and its it horrible shape, hopefully someday i will get enough money to send it to catalina guitars to be refurbished. My first electric guitar however lasted about 6 - 9 months then I sold it for a better one.
My first guitar was a RGX A2,had no second thoughts for it..sold it right away cause If I didnt I wouldn't be able to get the RGT220 I have now
My first guitar i still have and it's a blueridge brf-jr. Not really a great for harmonics but i love it anyways and still play it all the time.
Quote by SharkSandwich
saved up for a whole summer to buy my gibson flying v, before that i played it in the store for months. no chance im selling it

wow, the exact same story as me....
I think I get far too attached to my guitars. The thought of selling any of them is horrible, and I'll probably think the same way about guitars I buy in future. The only thing that could make me sell any of them is if I absolutely needed the money, but I'd have probably tried other methods of accruing the money first!
my first guitar i was gonna sell but probs wont now as im guessing the neck is probs warped a bit cause i removed strings and seeming i didnt play it i didnt put new ones one..

But my first good guitar ( my epip. LP Special II in white) I wont sell.. and will keep strings on as to be fair its a nice guitar.
My first guitar is a 10+ years old Squier Affinity Strat (has had at least 2 owners before me). I should throw it away. It's horrible and the neck is probably twisted
If I ever do I won't regret it. Not because its a First Act but because I have other guitars I like more. I still have to modify it so I can bear playing it plugged in though.
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I wouldn't sell anybody's first guitar. I wish I could get mine back from 10 years ago. I haven't heard any other guitar play like my first one did. It was an Ibanez RG series, 320 I think, with passive humbuckers. Miss that damn thing like crazy.
My first electric guitar was a vintage Ovation Viper. I traded that to my brother for an Ovation Preacher, and I traded that to my dad for an Ovation Deacon.

I sort of had an attachment to the Viper, but the Deacon had been around the house before I even started playing. It doesn't work, but it's a project for the future. I'll get a Carvin that will probably outclass it in every way, but even if I never fix her up, I doubt I'll ever sell the Deacon.
My first (and only guitar right now) is a Peavy Predator Plus. Not an insanely impressive guitar. But it isn't bad. But no matter what I never consider a guitar a thing. It's an extension of the owner. My Predator may be a bitch to retring and tune, the tremelo bar may be stuborn as hell. But if it weren't for that guitar I'd never have learned how to play. You never forget your first is what I guess I'm trying to say here. So why get rid of it? (especially when you cna lways upgrade it)
Have a good one,
It'd take a lot of cash or for me to be in a real tight spot (like having sold almost everything I own and still needing money to eat). I love my first guitar and I worked my ass off to be able to afford it. Yeah there are many better guitars out there but I don't care.
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Yes, I definitely would. It's a crappy Squier Stratocaster and I never use it.
I had a crap marshall branded starter guitar played through an MG. I loved it to bits for ages, It has made me the guitar player I am now - I wouldnt like to sell it purely because of the memories I have with that thing - it was like a best friend for many years.

I didnt realise I was so sentimental about it untill i read this
First guitar was a Crate starter pack Strat copy I never played. Gave it to my brother, who eventually gave it to his friend. Had it back once years ago to fix the pickups and amp (stuff kept coming unscrewed), but haven't seen it since.

First proper guitar was a MIM Strat. Solidly built guitar, but uncomfortable to play and never got a good tone out of it, so I gave it to my brother.

Still have my other firsts: acoustic (Martin Backpacker -- two of them, my sister now has one), proper acoustic (Seagull 12-string), bass (Olympia). Also this cheap 1980s Yamaha toy keyboard, which was probably the first instrument I ever attempted to play.

Also kept my first amp, a cheap Crate solid-state, which I've since discovered sounds amazing with my Gretsch. Won't make a lousy guitar sound better, but great clean sound, better even than some tubes I've tried (and certainly any Line 6/Vox Valvetronix).
my first guitar is long gone traded it and another crap guitar i had for a slightly less crappy guitar. this was in the late 70s. kinda wish i had my first decent guitar (ibanez roadstar strat copy from 79). been through so many guitars over the years that it really doesn't bother me to let one go. the only one that i regret letting go was an early 80s BC Rich Mockingbird (us made). traded it in to get a Kramer Pacer with that new fangled floyd rose on it.
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