So I’ve been wondering if the best way to get a really good high-gain sound at apartment-friendly volumes is to just use a nice tube preamp into monitors. Budget wise it makes more sense to go with a nice tube preamp pedal from Blackstar or Seymour Duncan, but if I had the money, could I buy a Triaxis and just plug a set of monitors into it? Or is it the kind of high-end gear that requires other studio equipment to be useful? And would an Axe-FX sound just as good for the money?
Triaxis = win.
I'm not too sure how good the Recording Outs on it sound though, emulated line outs are generally not that good. I think the AxeFX would be better suited for that sort of setup, and it'd be more versatile too, since its got pretty much everything you could need (amp models, effects, cab sims etc) rather than just a preamp like the Triaxis.
I would go for the Axe-FX if you can afford it but you can't go wrong with the Triaxis. Either way you could get them now + powered monitors then later on get a nice poweramp. If you go with the Axe-FX I would go with a SS poweramp and if you get the Triaxis you could do either tube or SS. The SS poweramps won't color the sound with a signature characteristic as much as a tube poweramp would like a VHT, though if you do go for a tube poweramp I would look into a Simulclass Mesa.
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