So I'm thinking of getting a digitech RP350 with my 6505+ 112 at the end of the summer, is this thing good with recording and mixing songs on a PC? I'd be mainly getting this thing for recording and mixing my music onto the PC, not really for the effects or the simulated amps so those arent really important for me, if not this one are there any other better recording pedals for around the same price?
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It has pretty annoying latency, like about 300 ms.
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I have friends that record using a POD and they get great results. I have used one just for practice, equally good results.

Also having extensive RP350 experience, they can be decent for a live sound, but don't touch the PODX3 in recording ability.
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Any reason you want a recording pedal when you're not gonna be using it for the effects? You can get a decent recording interface for the price of a RP350.
Do you plan on running the 6505 line out into the pod, for recording? Is that what your saying?
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if you dont want to use any of the amp models or fx then don't buy the rp. The interface side of this pedal is really just an added extra. You can get a highly decent interface for the same or less money. Take a look at the m-audio fast tracks.

Just buy an interface, you'll get much better results in the end.
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