Hey all, my first go at this so be gentle.

I'm trying to expand in the world of home recording. When I say expand I mean...well, start somewhere. I've chosen the Boss BR 600 to help me with this. I'm not the most tech savvy, but think I'd be fair in saying that this machine isn't the most 'user friendly' either.

The way people made it sound when I bought it (knowing NOTHING about this stuff people) is that its got 8 tracks. And it seemed to me that you just record one part, add the next and so on until you're smiling like an idiot thinking you've created something cool. I would have been happy with that alone...... but I haven't got there, and cant seem to.

The thing I wanna know most is: Can I simply 'extract' the drums I like out of a song, connect the USB or whatever, and then add THAT extraction as a new backing track? Coz I don't wanna use any of the 300 others that make me feel like I'm working on the sound score for Back to the Future. Follow? Ditto for bass lines.

To summarise, I basically want to be able to take a song that already exists. Take out the guitar and vocals on it, and add that stuff myself. But to start simple, I just wanted to give it a go with drums...am I to believe this is impossible?

I've seen all the AWFUL youtube vids with tutorials in death like monotone voices, and found them unhelpful. (And yes, this includes the guy who figured out how to extract the drum 'sounds' from his Queen songs on the iPod and add them as new independent sounds onto the velocity pads. Nice bloke, dont get me wrong - just need more)

Can anyone help. I'm a pretty good player with heaps of equipment, but just moved here and cant find any nerds who can help me. I just wanna be able to 'play along' to my favourite songs, and write a few of my own. If anyone can help, really, Im all ears. I've run into a lot of other people on forums out there, and searched this one, and they're on the quest too.

I'm told it's a great product. I dont want to get angry and smash it like I did with JamVox, so please, ANY advice (constructive), please offer. Also, I've been able to find some files out there of people that have done their own drums backing tracks, but I can't add them and so the story goes. I want to be able to record ASWELL, not JUST play along.

Thankyou UG world.
Crash -
Hey, it is a pretty great product on the 8 track side of things, but the in built drum machine is incredibly difficult to use. Its also extremely labourious to use if you are trying to replicate drums which are a bit complex.

The best way around this is to go to roland's website and download the ryhtmn editor. It says it is for a higher br model but it works fine with the br600.

I dont think there is any way of transferring a music file into the br to play on one track. I believe thats because the files used inside the br are roland specific - although i might be wrong on this, they might just be wma's ha ha.
you can import .wav files into the BR600, but it has to go on one of the standard tracks, it cannot be imported to the 'rythm' track as that only supports the built in drum sequencer.