These are two songs I promised myself I'd write since the beginning of the year.
I have maybe 2 or 3 more to go with these, but I'm just gonna procrastinate.
The songs are meant to flow into each other.

1. LTSD: Here
A slow piece. I don't really know what genre to call it.

2. Fear Is...: Here
More metal/hardcore influenced.
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The first one has fairly dissonant lead
I'm sorry to say it, but it's not too great
the second one however, is well written and quite good, may need a slight change of ending.
LTSD needs alot of work to it. More importantly the solo needs to be worked on to fit into the song. Dissonance is not a bad thing, it just doesn't fit this song.
The lead in the 1st song could benefit from a change of chord progression, as I quite like how dissonant it is. It does clash a bit too much, especially with C# lead against the D/G backdrop.
I like the inclusion of F in there for some reason.
Again, the C# doesn't seem to have a place in here. It's too unstable and clashes with the established progression.

Fear is...: I like some of the twists that you've added to a dead genre. The pedal point riff was downright irritating until you harmonized it. This should have irked me more, but you made it work.
Breakdown/chug-a-lug section wasn't too bad, since it was brief. That always helps.
The end section was lacking, but I guessing this is a WIP, so I won't give you much flak there.
As for the rest of the song, I was thoroughly impressed. The intro, the heavy riff at bar 23, the proceeding section until bar 34, harmonized 3rds pedal riff, and bar 51 and beyond section were all strong.

I would say remove some more general cliches, and strengthen the end of the song.