g'day all, just wondering, being a noob im not to sure about alot of things so bare with me .. anyone here use thumb and fingure pics over flat pick when playing electric, i used to play a bit of banjo and m finding it more comfy to use my fingures rather then a flat pick, is this weird or unusual??? also why do we use a thumb pick over a flatpick when playing guitar, whats the reason???
It's just a matter of preference. If you feel comfortable playing with fingures, just do it.

And about the thumb pick, many guitarists use because you can pick and fingerpick at the same time, without using a hybrid approach that would sacrifice your first finger. It's really used in bluegrass also when they play the bass and melody at the same time. But again, it's just a matter of preference.
Quite a lot of well-known fingerstyle rock players....Beck, Knopfler, Buckingham... Many others.

You can also learn to "hybrid pick" which is very common in country playing; using the flatpick and also the fingers at the same time.