I urgently need to know the value of my strat, can anyone help me out?

It's a Genuine Fender Contemporary Stratocaster, Made in Japan in the Fujigen plant in 1986.

Its in fairly good condition for its age, being 25 years old, with no cracks but a few knocks.

It was originally the model with 2 single coils and a humbucker, with a 5 way selector switch, however the previous owner has swapped out the nexk single coil for a 60s Gibson T-Top PAF.

All of the rest of the guitar is original.

The neck, headstock and scratchplate are black, and the body is pearlish colour

Any help would be great

Is there a serial number on the guitar? I received a very old Gibson passed down from my father. He didn't know what year it was or the value of it so I went to the Gibson web site and e-mailed them trying to find out. With the serial number they were able to tell me a lot of information. You could try the Fender site or there is a blue book for guitars that I believe is online. If you're looking for accurate information it's probably the best way to go.