i have a cruiser by crafter jazz bass
the pick ups are horrible and it all feels a bit flimsy.
it also has some scratches and dents in the paintwork.
the electrics need a bit of work too.
i can't afford a fender jazz, if I redo this bass, ie new pick ups, repaint, new neck(?), etc then would it feel like a better bass?
and how do i go about doing all of that?
this would be the first time i dare take an instrument apart properly.
cheers guys
If it's a cruiser by crafter, don't bother. go get a squier jazz bass vintage modified or classic vibe. really, cruiser by crafter aren't that great.
yeah, it could go well, but spending more money than it's worh on a bass isn't going to make it so much better.

you'd need basic soldering skills, and also very precise hand work on assembling it.
a new finish made by yourself isn't a great idea if you have no experience
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i have good soldering skills and i'm willing to put a lot of time into it.
i have an ibanez SR505 and i love it, but i just want a four string for punkier stuff. and in a punk band i look like a bit of an oxymoron with a five string ! haha.
i don't really mind the neck, but i suppose changing pickups would be a lot of work.

thanks for your help : )
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Do it! check out my bass "build" in my sig. It will definetly be worth it. New pickups, bridge, paint, strings should make a whole new bass. I'm in the process of wiring now. Wow is suck at soldering...
Changing pickups isn't that much work if you're good with a solder. painting is a bit harder. Refretting i haven't dared to try yet
if your gona go so far as changing the neck you might as well just get a decent squire.
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