So I was going through the Licks/exercise folder from the stickied thread last night, and I found this sick file that had 25 licks that every guitarist should know. It was a bunch of unique licks from people like slash, vai, gilbert, EVH, etc. I left it up so I could go through it this morning, but it oh so happened that my computer decided to do a windows update in the middle of the night so now its gone and I can't find the file anymore. Help!

edit: don't tell me to redownload it, because I didn't lose any files, I just don't remember what it was called and what section it was in. I even thoroughly went through it to find it and checked my recent GP files, but nothing.
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if it was in guitar pro, then I think GP gets rid of files if you don't properly save them sometimes. If you can tell me where the file was I'd like to download it personally
The whole Rar with them all in is called "5 page compilation.zip" if that's what I think you're on about, theres a file in there called "25 essential metal licks" anyway, if you can't find it this is the re-download link


And looking through the rar now...it's an amazing compilation, everything you could ever need in there, whole heartedly reccomended it to anyone you see.
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