Recently I saw this broadcast of a Megadeth concert and I noticed Chris Broderick using a thumb pick. Here's the video (If you wanna see the thumb pick, skip to 1:10. ):


The only thumb picks I can find are way big, not pointy and hard to grip against the strings. Do you guys know any thumb picks that (kinda) resembles a jazz III model? I'd like to try one to play electric.

Whoa, nicely spotted.
that is weird.
Maybe it's the tone he's looking for.
I haven't a clue.
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Something like this perhaps?


I don't know if that works the same, but it looks like more or less what you're looking for.

The ProPik Thumbflat and Dunlop "D" Plastic Thumb Pick look like they have pretty good points as well.

I like this, it really looks like a jazz III with the yellow thumb thing.