Ahoy everyone!

I'm doing a research paper on whether the LP Album is a dying form of releasing music, and people's general opinions to the worth of actually owning the physical CD or Vinyl as apposed to just downloading it.

If you could take a couple of minutes to fill this questionnaire out, it would be hugely appreciated.


If you want to post any views or opinions on here, that would also be awesome, and let me know if any of you want a copy of the final report.


Much love.x
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done. interesting topic i'd love to read it when it's done

Yeah, show us the results when it's done BTW, are you also asking people from somewhere else than UG to do this survey? UG is full of musicians so the results can be pretty biased if it's only UG.
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will UG be in your bibliography now?
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Done, could I see the results when your finished please?
All done, good sir

And yeah, it'd be interesting to see what people think in general, post the results when it's all finished?
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