I tried to find my old thread, but it seems it's been idle for too long and I can't find it. So, a new thread! ^^

Quick recap: Getting a new guitar, playing mostly fingerstyle, steel-strung acoustic with some sort of microphone, pricerange 500-800$.

Today I did all of Stockholm's (Sweden's capital, where I live) major guitar stores. I told the people in the stores (three of them) what I wanted, and they came up with a couple of guitars I might consider. I tried them, liking some better than others.

Tanglewood TW70NS (without mic, but sounded and felt great!) 650$
Tanglewood TW115 STCE (they didn't have this one in, but the guy said it was perfect for what I wanted and my pricerange.) 500$
Takamine EG520S (used) 450$
Taylor 110e 750$

First, what do you people think of those guitars?

As I sat there, store after store, I realized that I really do want a wide nut. I interchanged between the guitars listed and stuff totally out of my pricerange (with wider nuts) and felt totally more comfortable with a wider nut. I've played ALOT of classical guitar, so this is probably why.

Hm... I though. Seagulls have wide nuts, yeah? Problem is, none of the stores had a single Seagull! This is, of course, very irritating, since I want to actually play the guitar before I buy it! Maybe it's a Swedish thing... I started asking specifically for guitars with wider nuts, but they didn't have any. The last store gave me the adress of a really small store that might have Seagulls (he knew they always had Larrivees), but that store is closed for summer until august.

What should I do? There must be other guitars with wide nuts, other than Seagulls, right? Where are they? To swedes: are there stores in Stockholm other than Jam, Musikbörsen, 4sound and Gitarrspecialisten (stängd)?

Any help appreciated!
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If you can find a Selmer-Maccaferri guitar that might be more to your style as they have a slotted headstock, a larger nut-width and string spacing it should be more comfortable for a classical player such as yourself. Django Reinhardt loved to play them.

Something like this

i wouldn't want a selmer for my only guitar - the sound is too different.

not all seagulls have wide nuts, although more do than don't. you might want to spend some time looking up guitars by nut width. do you have online stores there you can buy from with a great return policy? here we have some that let you exchange the guitar just because you didn't like it, and even pay for return shipping.

i seem to remember that there are crafters with wider nuts, but i don't remember which ones. we don't have them here. i know the blueridge A guitars have 1 3/4" nuts - that's their adirondack top guitars. the yamaha L series guitars have a 1 3/4" nut, and this line includes all solid and solid top guitars. yamaha seems to be a brand that is sold a lot internationally, and perhaps a local store could order one for you on approval: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/navigation?q=Yamaha+L+series

another guitar i really like is the guild GAD-30. 1 3/4" nut, beautiful sound, smaller body but not really small, all solid wood, and i've seen it in your price range, although i don't know if it's more expensive where you are.
It's not my first guitar, I have two others, but it would be the first one worth over 200$.

I checked around for guitars with wider nuts, and there really doesn't seem like there are alot of them. There are quite a few with 1 3/4'', but I'd prefer more than that, even. The Seagulls I have in mind are 1,8'' wide, or whatever exact measure 1,8'' rounds off to. (listed as 46mm). These are the ones I found:

Seagull performer CW Folk Q1 flame (850$, incl. gigbag)
Seagull S6 Q1 (550$)
Yamaha LSX6
Epiphone EF-500 RC CE (620$)
Guild GAD-30 PCE (780$ incl. case)

And I do believe that I actually have a shipping company that seems to be good: thomann.de.se. They have a 30-day money-back-guarantee, and a three year warranty. Prices listed are from there. They don't have the X versions (with a mic) of the Yamaha, though.

Of those, before getting any other info than what I can get from the specs, I prefer the Seagull folk performer, simply because 46mm is more than 44mm, it has a cutaway and isn't a dreadnought (since I already have a dreadnought). Anybody got any experience with this? All the reviews I could find on it (and the S6 as well) had only good things to say about it. The Guild does seem good as well, though it's only got a 44mm nut...
seagull makes my favorite neck, actually, but the question is the sound you like.

i preferred the guild GAD-30 to the seagull. in fact, last week we played a bunch of guilds. my husband preferred the GAD-30 with mahogany back and sides, which had a very clean, crisp articulated sound, where if i had to choose, i preferred the rosewood back and sides, which had more bass and overtones, but a less clean sound.

it's worth mentioning that my husband prefers a beefy neck, but had no trouble with the guilds, including my new GAD0f20 with the 1 11/16 nut (it's only drawback). i like rounder necks, not v or u necks, and prefer a 1 3/4 or 1.8.

keep in mind that beside nut width, fingerboard radius, neck profile and how wide you space your nut will all affect how much space your fingers will have.

not an epiphone masterbilt fan. i don't love the sound, but also i've seen a lot with lifting bridges and bulging bellies. haven't had the luck to play any of the yamaha L series guitars yet - no one in l.a. seems to stock them, but i've heard good things, and englemann is my favorite top wood.
Maybe check out local ads in newspaper, online forum etc. Sorry the only one I can think with wider nut than 1 3/4 is Blueridge BR 341 which is 1 7/8" but those retail for $700 plus.