Hey guys! im thinkin of buying a delta 1010lt to multitrack some drums..im wondering how do i connect it to my mixer? my mixer is a Peavey PV6. thanks!
you wont be able to multi track with that tiny mixer.

The interface is good and all but you need a larger mixer with a few output busses....8 is ideal but you'll spend quite a bit of cash getting that mixer.
I suggest buying a new audio interface such as the PreSonus Firestudio Project which has 8 inputs for mics as well as some fairly good preamps. With plenty of outputs you can make sub mixes to send out to everyones headphones in the room.

yet another mixer for recording situation...
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ok...now im looking at something else.. the delta 44, it has 4 input ans 4 out im thinking i can use two preamps for two condenser mics and connect the mixer to it too and use the mixers preamp for 2 mics for the kick...thats really all i need to record drums..im thinking it can work..what do you think? and ive learn alot form your vids by the way dude! Thanks!
yea the 4 input Delta and a set of preamps paired along side the mixer should work fine.

I suggest a dual preamp such as the M-audio audio buddy:

If you can spend a little more, the Studio Projects VTB1 single preamp is very nice for the price.

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