Hey guys, just bought a guitar and amp. I played about 3 years ago in high school and took about a year of lessons back then. I am looking to get back into it. My brother plays, too, so we want to be able to jam together and make a little bit of music and play songs together. I want to be able to make some music, too.

What I a hoping you can help me out with is help me kickstart my progress on fingerwork, music theory, learning chords, that kinda stuff.

What should I be looking to work on first? I have been trying to find scales to work on but I can't really find anything im looking for. Im kinda lost.

Oh, and if it makes a difference I listen to rock like shinedown, dope, airbourne, metallica, etc. And I have a no name guitar that has 3 single pickups(like a strat). I need help on that, too. Cause I want to say its a started guitar but it has a nice type of wood for the neck, and it has a blue sunburst type finish. If there is a way to troubleshoot finding out the make on it then I could use the help!

Thanks for the help!
If you know how to read tabs, you could start by learning a song you like..enter sandman is easy to play. Don't aim to high keep it simple and take it slow. I like sound of madness, its a cool riff.

chromatics are good for finger independence. you should learn the major scale first..i have to learn scales one at a time..to remember them.

basic chords a b c d e f g, then all the minors for those chords.
if you want to learn theory..then id say learn the major scale and intervals.

the major scale is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1. all majors and perfect notes. after some research i think youll get it

stay relaxed when you play dont strain or tense up i dont care what ppl tell you..if they tell you different dont listen..

search for yourself and youll find proof of that.

and i have a off brand tele it plays very well but no name on it either..so i dont know what to tell you.

I know how to read tabs, and I know a few basic chords, too. I also know how to tune a guitar without a tuner. Well I can tune all the strings to one single string. I can't quite get it perfectly in tune with nothing to base it off of.

I think the major scale is what I was taught in my lessons, then when I was learning the minor scale I kinda stopped playing.

I was really confused on where to start so I can begin jamming without any music to base of off. I don't want to strum wrong chords or not be able to manipulate the whole neck. I think learning the major scale and some basic chords will start me off in the right direction.

I wanna be able to mess around and just make some cool stuff up. Maybe that explains it better. I will start with that and when I get at a plateau I will come back and bug you some more! Thanks!