This is my latest technical deathcore song I finished a few days ago inspired on bands such as Born Of Osiris, The Faceless and Veil Of Maya.

The composition was made in Guitar Pro 5, drums were run through Addictive Drums. Recording and mastering were made in Adobe Audition 3.. The guitars and bass are as of now just played by the RSE of Guitar Pro, so just don't pay attention to guitar quality

It has probably 4 main riffs, 3 breakdowns, some parts with background synths, samples, piano, and even choir aahs (made with Poizone and Fl Studio), also a classical piano outro (made with the great VST "TruePianos")
Sorry for the seemingly shortness of the song, I don't like unnecessary long songs :p

Well, for now it is titled "The Faceless inspired song II" in my player.

It's 2:25 minutes long and it has a tempo of 180bpm in the main parts. Please comment on the sound quality, riffs, drums or anything you want...and feel free to listen to some of the other songs on my profile.

P.S: please critique specific parts of the song, don't just say "that sucked" or "that was good". I'd do the same. You could say "I liked the riff at...".

P.S 2: for trve core, breakdowns, RSE haters

thanks and bye...
Oh and sorry for my bad english
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I know the guitar and bass were just RSE but that really detracted from the song. Having the real instruments will make it much better.

I wasn't incredibly impressed with the breakdown beginning around 0:35 - it was just pretty standard I thought.

The piano outro was fantastic. Really good. Very tasteful.
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Thanks for your comment!

First off, I'd love to hear this with real guitars, it'd lend a lot of power to the better. As whole this piece reminds me strongly of Between the Buried and Me, which is funny as you didn't mention them in your OP. I can definitely hear the faceless influence though.

I like the effects you use in your intro, they give a nice otherwordly effect. Love the egyptian feel you have going around :30, and i also love the fill at around 1:23.

The drums are nice - and the bass sounds decent too, although both feel as though they could benefit from the same imagination as has gone into the guitar riffing in this song.

Still, good stuff overall, get some guitars on there!

Oh, and your English isn't bad at all by the way.

In reply to your comment I used FL Studio for the bass and drums in my piece - Used the 'Boo Bass' plug for bass, which results in a horrible sound so I generally turn the bass up high and try to kill some of it's crazy attack by lowering the Mid and Treble. Then add some drive with this re-amping software (Download from here). For a free software it's great and adds a lot of warmth. Used the 'FPC' plug for drums, and just decided on the individual sounds from the library.
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this the one that i had a sneak peek at?
if so then **** me sideways!

just after the intro began i half expected it to kick in with fully real everything intro sounds ace though man, really does

then the first breakbeat was nice, part after that is good, sounds very BOO with all the alternate picked parts and such. sounds great though

part after with the ahhs was phat (Y) and just after that part with the blasts leading to the breakdown was ace, dunno why but that really stood out to me

1:22 is a gorgeous little guitar fill. this maybe the part where the guy said it sounds like BTBAM? cos it does to me haha :p but in a good way

following breakdown has a lot of power behind it, will sound amazing with real instruments

and finally the piano ending was sick as ****!
it sounded real enough to me!
coulda put some ambient noise behind it and lengthened it out like 10 more seconds of 8 more bars or summat?

****ing SICK track though man
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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

Ahahaha **** Yeah!

the whole track is epicly awesome!

I understand that the Guitar and bass parts were done using the RSE feature in Guitar pro however I totally agree with the comment "jfreyvogel" said about hearing this with some real guitars. I think it will definately with it that power and drive it lacks.

Overall Its a great song with some real guitar and Bass in there it will kick ass! xD
Not really my style but you pulled this off well. Held my attention most importantly, and was varied.(not just chugging)

I felt the piano that came around 54 seconds kinda took it off track with where the choir sounds were going. Maybe some kind of drum fill could mend that up.

I really liked the riff at 1:15 though, the background guitar riff really adds to it.

Like everyone else said, real guitars would really make this better. Would love to hear some vocals too.
First breakdown was pretty damned sick and the synth break that followed was wicked. The rest of the song developed so nicely you really could have fooled me into thinking I was listening to a TF song. Get real guitars recorded immediately! You've gotta teach me how you did the electronic percussion in the intro! Also, The drums sound pretty professional. Very very nice.
Really ****ing sick stuff man. If you feel like sending me the GP i would like to record real guitars and bass for this. Maybe vocals too if im up for it. Let me know man, friend request sent
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This is pretty ****ing gut wrenchingly heavy.

maybe invest in some better synth
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Excuse if me if I'm taking a little long, but for some reason I can't seem to get into the player. I couldn't get into my profile either. My connection's being super weird I guess, I am however trying to fix it so you might have to wait a bit.
Ok I got it working, it really does sound a lot like Faceless lol. Especially the synths at the beginning. Imo I think it went into breakdowns a bit too much, they're great though, love the use of polyrythyms but I think it would sound a whole lot better with more riffage. The soft outro is a really great way to end the song. Good job overall, especially for a guitar pro song. Keep it up!

edit: synths are from my keyboard, i didn't use vst's
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Its amazing, Great work with guitar pro there =) Love the drums - and though the guitar tones are bad they still sound good, Just wish there was a slight bit more volume on them. Excellent composition! The piano was great as well.

Theres no "bad" part of this song, nothing that I dont like. Aside from real musicians behind the instruments.. cant wait to hear that!
Ok so I don't really like deathcore so i'll try to be as objective as possible. Firstly, it kind of needs real instruments. It does detract from it but i'm not going to stick to that since it's probably not your fault. The start's cool... not keen on all the chugga but the leads are pretty well done too. The keys sound really nice and those were easily the bits I enjoyed most. They're way too out of place though... seems as if they merit having their own song without all the chugga chugga business. That's what i'd prefer to hear actually. Clearly you've got some slick composition skills when it comes to the keys so why ruin it (in my opinion) with the techy chug?

Good work though.
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