Other than an intro post, this is my first post. I built this lap steel a couple days ago. Don't know how to play steels, but man they are cool!

Here's a little video of me playing it with a spark plug socket as I don't have a bar yet.
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Here in GB&C we woulda praised this thread shame you don't got progress pics, are those actual inlays on the board and did you do em?

That's really awesome and welcome to UG


Thanks James,

The fingerboards on those don't get touched, so the graphic there is just stenciled on to the bottom of the plexi fingerboard. I had an old silvertone come in for a new case, and I only had it for a day, so I didn't have time to take progress pics, I just put my head down and made it. These guitars are so simple, there's not a lot to the actual process.
Pinball. Motorcycles. Rock and Roll.
Here's a picture of the Silvertone I was copying. The case it's sitting on is the one we made for it. I love these old lap steels.

Pinball. Motorcycles. Rock and Roll.