So i have a les Paul studio, i bought a p90 (SD phat cat) everything was going rather smoothly then i ran into a problem.

The original (bridge)humbucker pickup has two wires in the same casing one of them is thick and black, the other one is skinnier and green. They are in a casing (i think it might be called "krimped" or something like that. The p90 has only the thick black wire not the green and is meant to be soldered in. So i cant put the p90 wire into the right place, any suggestions.

EDIT:got pictures.

Thats the original humbucker wireing.

thats where it goes

New p90 pickup.

so obviously im not going to be able to solder into that hole. Can i buy those plastic things over the humbucker wiring and use that?
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Yeah, so I guess the thicker black wire of your original humbucker is like the P-90's wire, only both the braid and the core of the black wire is connected to ground. The green one is the hot lead.

Your P-90s hot lead is the core of the wire, the ground is the sleeve itself. Connect the sleeve to where the humbucker's black wire went, and connect the core wire to where the green one was.

You can try to find a connector like that and solder your pickup wires to that one, or if you can lift that circuit board, you could try to solder your pickup wires at the other side of the connector.