Basically after my string snapped the end got stuck in the bridge on my Ibanez S470, how do I get it out?
Pliers, tweezers, magnet?
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Since its a ZR, there will string blocks to hold the string in the bridge.
If you dive the tremolo bridge down, you will see screws for each string that you should loosen with an allen wrench. Loosen the strings and the strings will come out

problem solved
loosen the string retaining block then using a flat blade jewelery screwdriverpush the string into the resulting gap, might be worthwhile to take the spring cover off the back and if you can work it out from both sides.
Try needle nose pliers.
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Try needle nose pliers.

if the bell end is mega stuck you will need a pair of these. try to push it out with another string? wire coathanger?