Hey so I've been playing with my dad's Gibson Les Paul Standard and his Fender Telecaster the whole time I've played guitar.

I'm moving out to a dorm next year for university and now I need to think about buying my own guitar. I'm looking into the G&L legacy guitars and I can get a tribute for around 600 or an american made for around 1200 (canadian).

I'm wondering if the tribute will seem awful after playing on a les paul for so long, but it doesn't seem like the quality difference between the two guitars is = to the price difference.

I havn't played a tribute yet-only an American-made which I loved, trying a tribute out next week, but what do you guys think? Has anybody here tried both? Will it be alright moving from a Les Paul to a tribute legacy?
i had the same question about the ASAT's a couple months back (got an american in the end)...

there really isnt a significant quality difference between an american made G&L and a Korean made (by Cort) Tribute, though there is more variance of quality in the tributes. that is to say, the available range of quality in the tributes is greater than in the american models. that being said, the variance is still far smaller than that of a mexican fender (or even most american fenders I tried).

the main difference comes from the woods used, the exact parts used and the fact that american labour costs more (and is ultimately somewhat more precise). the woods certainly make a noticable difference, but they certainly do not justify a 100% price jump. in regards to the parts, though the designs and specs are the same, there are little details; american guitars have brass saddles and nuts (as opposed to steel and plastic respectively), G&L american made pickups and much better quality frets.

in the end, the american guitars are better. quite a bit better really. however, that is not to say that the tributes are crappy or inferior guitars, as they are still quite a bit better than comporable fenders (in fact, i think even a g&l tribute will outplay most any fender). i think you should be just fine moving from the LP to a tribute legacy, but certainly try it out. however, if you can stretch your budget to get the american guitar, go for it: they are, in my mind, the best fender-style guitars on the market