well ive recently come into come money and was thinking of buying a new guitar but instead ive decided to customise my own. ive already added in new straploks and an allen key holder, i plan on replacing the bridge pickup, changing the color of my pickup rings and adding a tremelno system.

the reason i want to change the color of my pickup rings is that i think it will give it a more personal feel for the guitar so i look online and all they did was, black, cream, chrome and gold, now since i already have black i dont want them, cream seems quite boring and chrome and ogld wouldnt suit my guitar. (an all black explorer w/floyd rosed) so i was going to just take off my pickup rings and spray them red, does anybody have any tips for this and like general customisation...?
is there a certain type of paint best suited..?
should i like use an undercoat or whatever..?

much appreciated.
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