I just got mine today, and my god it is so beautiful I could cry.
Especially the reverse and hold functions, it turns out the lack of backing music is why my playing has lacked depth all this time, so I couldn't be happier with it.

Are there any DD7 owners on here who want to share some delay tips and tricks with me?
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i found a way to do a .8 delay, found this on another forum:
"I use the DD-7 for dotted 1/8 exclusively and we play alot of Fee, Hillsong, etc. I've had more success with DD-7 than the DL4. Try these settings: Level @ 2 o'clock, repeats @ 10 o'clock, and set the delay time to 800ms. Then tap it in and you'll have it. Good luck."
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The DD7 rocks! If you wanna have some fun, set the delay to reverse mode, all the knobs on max ( 'cept volume of course ;P). Make sure you've got your guitar muted. Now make very short, random noises on your guitar. For instance: rake the strings above the nut. Set the volume to zero, do a pinch harmonic, and then very quickly roll the volume to 10 and then back to 0. Knock on your guitars body etc. You can create the most eery sounding, horrible horror movie theme with this stuff
It's a great pedal. I got mine 3weeks ago on ebay for $125 dollars used. It was in mint condition! Anyway using the loop is incredibly fun for solo playing and improv. but I've been loving analog mode the best. When I put a MXR Carbon Copy in my loop i noticed it sucked all the bright out of my tone everytime I turned the loop on so I don't think analog's my thing, least not with the Mark V.

Just mess around, pretty hard to make a delay sound terrible unless you're trying

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I just saved up the extra cash and went with the DD-20 but the DD7 rocks just as much.

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I love mine. I usually only use one delay setting and the looper though. My delay setting is: Mix: 2 o clock, feedback: 11 o clock, delay: 2 o clock, mode: 800ms
the dd-7 actually sounded quite better than the dd-20 imo. i got ahold of a dd-20 a month or so ago and expected such good things from it and was pretty dissapointed in the tone. just didn't have the clarity and precision i expect from the dd-7 and dd-6 i own.

at TS, the modulation effect is good for multiple things, but i usually use it with the volume low on the pedal and the delays pretty short. gives that awesome 80's delay solo tone.

the analog delay setting is where i usually stay at, i like moving the 'delay time' knob with more repeats and getting warped sounds and oscillations.
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I once posted this in a thread, might as well try again in here...

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couldn't find this on the web... listening to the end of this, the DD-3 has some kind of 'sitar mode' (with the feedback totally maxed out). can this also be done on the DD-7? thanx!!!

All in all: can I get a sitar sound from a DD-7?
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