This is my Song bomb. This is a few songs that i've written.
In a couple different styles.

Looking for a crit if ya care.

I should explain this first.

Cutting teeth: blame the cancer bats

Dance of the dead: Blame Most powermetal/speedmetal bands

Reborn (intro): blame metallica.

Cutting Teeth - Alright intro, but a little simple for my tastes. Still, good for what it is. I guess it's simple in a nice, headbang-able way. The verse was okay. When the intro riff came in again it felt kind of badass. I imagined bar 24 was the chorus? It was pretty cool either way.

Ohhh, this change to 3/4... Nice touch.

The rest of the song is alright. I can't really 'criticize' anything since this isn't really my style. It was simple, but never overly-repetitive.

Dance of the Dead - That is one tribal-ass intro... Sounds awesome. The chord progression that starts is pretty interesting, I hope it plays again at some point.

The next riff is simple, once again, but I love it when the strings come in. Key change at 81 is nice, but I'm not so sure about that chord the strings play... the 7x10. Doesn't seem to fit there.

Actually, I liked it a bit more the second time around. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Transition at Bar 53 was a bit abrupt... I don't really like it. The next part is pretty amazing sounding though. The transition into the outro is a bit weird too... But I guess if you want it that way, that's fine.

North Line - That first chord gets me right into it. I wasn't expecting that intro, but I actually quite liked it. I wasn't expecting it, after hearing those two other songs. The verse is cool too...

I'm a huge fan of the chords in bars 40-41. Adds a new dimension to the song. When the clean part started at 46, I got kind of excited... But when the distortion kicked in at 50, I just wasn't... I mean it was good, but not as good as I expected.

Little solo thing at bar 68 sounds awesome. Especially the first few notes that ring out.

I liked some of the variations you put in the chorus at 107. Actually I liked all of them.

The outro was good, until the ending. I just don't like bars 146-148. I feel you could end it much better.

yeah, that's all I'm gonna do for now.