There's a place here in central wisconsin called Musicquest. They're a real small shop ran and owned by 2 guys. The one I deal with 90% of the time (Jeff) knows me by face by all the times that I've been in there. He doesn't have a giant selection, but the man does incredible luthier work, and so I've ordered and had most of my parts installed through him.

Anyway, I've been looking around for a backup guitar for a while now, but couldn't find anything I really liked. You see, I'm picky as shit about my necks. I love my thin Fender necks. It's gotten to the point where I won't even play contemporary American Standard guitars because of my passionate hate for the 9.5" Radius C-shaped neck they use now.

I go in to pick up some strings, and immediately Jeff points out a newly co-signed Telecaster on the wall. I only had to play it for about 5-minutes before I was sold. Long story short, Jeff likes me and what I play, so I got the price-tag $350 telecaster for only $250. Awesome.

I never liked the red wine color when I saw it online, but to see it in person really gives it a new light. The pictures don't do it justice, it's just a finish you have to personally witness. What really took me away was the neck quality for a Mexican. As most people know, despite being mexicans or americans, all the fender necks that go on Standard teles and strats are made in the Carona factory in California (at least I believe, correct me if I'm wrong).

It's got that classic spanky, sparkly tone. Sounds exactly how it should through my amp. Now, the pictures!

Trying to show off the really dark glossy red.

Shot of headstock with SN for teh legitz.

Nothing fancy.

Don't mind my flowered bedspread.

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Pretty guitar. Happy NGD

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nice guitar dude...i need a NGD soon :|
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Great looking guitar nice setup you got going on aswell, HNGD. What was your classic player jag like?
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so you like fender huh?

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Quote by Mr.DeadDuck
Great looking guitar nice setup you got going on aswell, HNGD. What was your classic player jag like?

Neck felt like a strat. You gotta find a good one, cuz there's a bunch of junk ones out there. Immediately modify your bridge with a set mustange bridge cuz the trem sucks, and it's NOISY!

It played great, but there's a reason I sold it. If you're looking to play a lot of grunge and garage rock, it's spot on perfect.
I sold that exact same model last year; they're damn nice guitars.
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Awesome. Looks very nice. I love me some Telecaster. Happy new guitar day! And I think that finish is also pretty cool looking. Also, very nice about the price you got it at.