i dont own one, but ive played one many times in L&M
its very thin, which is good in the sense of that its light. the neck i nice, but the neck joint is different from other set necks, its not set very deep into the body, which feels weird at first but after a while you get used to it. the pickups are... "meh" i would replace them if i got one. it comes stock with grover tuners which is always nice, it looks pretty righteous, its decently priced (350$ i think?) so go for it i guess
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You can grab a used one for a good price, maybe $200 (USD) if you look on Craigslist locally..

They're nice guitars, it'd be perfect for your first guitar if that's what you want, but if you're upgrading from your first guitar it's not that big of an upgrade. If you were to get one you could replace the pickups that come stock, as they're bland and don't have a lot of character.

Grovers are nice tuners, 18-1 ratio. Set neck is nice. But like set above it is different.
Nice guitar but I found the neck very thick and uncomfortable. Not even Les Paul thick (Which I like) more like cricket bat thick.

If you're thinking of getting one I'd advise playing one first to see if the neck is for you.
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