How do you know when strings need to be changed. Do they sound wierd when their old. Also what are good strings for a beginner to learn on?
well they can sound shitty, but i just change them every 3-4 weeks. if they ever get rust or alot of dirt(enough to take off with your fingernail) replace them.

i use ernie ball super slinkies, theyr only $7 a pack and almost every store ive been in carries them, but really its just preference. id recommend buying a couple packs at a time incase you break a string.
i use ernie ball's for electric and either dean markley or elixers for acoustic
They lost their natural brightness, the string will start to sound dull. It'll get more and more noticable over time.

I personally stick to Ernie Balls and D'addarios, but if you don't want to shell out 6-7 bucks a month or so, get some Elixers, they stay VERY bright for a long time, a set could last you 4-5 months depending how much you play.

Elixers are nice strings but they have an extremely bright sound to them.

It'll all come down to preferance. You'll eventually learn which strings feel the best to you.
yeah you got it,i change then when they sound bad or have rust or dirt on them, or every 4 months, what ever comes first. i normally use earnie ball regular slinky 's but i have elixiers on my electric now that i put on last august lol they feel like they are brand new but the sound is kinda dull sounding now. time for a string change i guess
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when they break haha

yea when they become rusty or just coverd in crap, and become uncomfortable to play.

as for strings for a beginner, there arnt really beginner specific strings i would say you cant go wrong with a set of 10's not to light not to heavy lol